Dragon Energy

Dragon Energy Limited is responsible for the development and commercial operations of Dragon Energy Park providing renewable energy into the Haven.

We are generating up to 10MW of renewable energy with our 18,500 solar panels, providing 7% of the terminals consumption (2,500 tonnes of Scope 2 CO2 reduction). There is a strong opportunity to grow this business through the energy transition and secure a long-term future for the site.

Dragon Energy Projects

Application for 3 wind turbines to provide up to 13.5MW of peak power, providing up to 39% of terminal consumption (8,500 tonnes of Scope 2 CO2 reduction). For more information, please visit : https://www.dragonenergypark.co.uk/
Solar phase II
Variable frequency drives fitted to electric HP pumps reducing our power demand
Liquid Air or Lithium battery storage to allow continuous use of green energy and to replace diesel standby generators
CO2 import / export
Hydrogen import and supply
Green infrastructure buildings
Energy transition education centre.