2029 Capacity Offer

Dragon LNG invites interested parties to participate in an Expression of Interest for 9 Bcm/a capacity available from 2029

Dragon LNG, a receiving terminal for LNG in South-West Wales has launched an Expression of Interest (“EOI”) process for its 9 Bcm/year capacity, available from September 2029.

As one of three LNG terminals in the UK, Dragon has been operational since 2009 and has played a critical role in contributing to UK energy security. With over 300 cargoes received, Dragon has handled up to 25% of the UK’s Winter LNG imports in recent years.

Dragon LNG is a flexible, reliable terminal with an impeccable safety record. Capacity holders can gain access to the liquid National Balancing Point (NBP), and Title Transfer Facility (TTF) hubs, enhancing market reach. The facility, with its deep-water jetty, can accommodate vessels up to 217,500m3, and has two storage tanks with a combined capacity of 320,000 m3. With the ability to send out up to 298 GWh/d (or 25.6 mcm/d) natural gas, Dragon LNG’s operational flexibility is further enhanced by its reliquefaction plant commissioned in 2018. The reliquefaction plant eliminates boil off losses when LNG is in storage, allowing Dragon to offer a ‘zero sendout’ product enhancing value for customers by creating greater optionality.

Dragon LNG is building on its successful installation of renewable electricity generation capacity at the terminal with an aim of becoming a Net Zero emissions terminal by 2029. This will lead to lower carbon intensity of LNG shipped through the terminal and lower associated carbon costs.

The EOI will run until Monday 1st July 2024 and interested parties are invited to express interest in acquiring long-term terminal capacity by completing the form here.

Based on the feedback received, Dragon plans to conduct a capacity auction in Winter 2024/25, subject to regulatory approvals.

For more information and to discuss this opportunity further, please contact the team at capacity@dragonlng.com