Our ambition and strategy

Our Ambition

To become a Net Zero Terminal by 2029 and a provider of renewable energy in the Haven.

Our Strategy

  • A Safe, Reliable and Flexible LNG terminal and Future Energies Hub ​
  • Enabled teams, skilled to work on a Digital Asset ​
  • A Competitive and commercially high value customer contracts ​
  • Scope 1 Decarbonisation in the Haven Energy Transition ​
  • Scope 2 Decarbonisation and growth of Dragon Energy Ltd.

Our Values and Behaviours


We will

  • Ensure fairness in our actions, always doing the right thing
  • Approach our interactions with professional courtesy
  • Actively listen when others are speaking and value their contribution
  • Be considerate of personal boundaries and use humour appropriately
  • Demonstrate empathy for people’s feelings and give feedback in a constructive manner


We will

  • Support each other and show we care, offering help when needed
  • Collaborate effectively with each other to achieve goals and celebrate our success
  • Communicate purposefully to achieve the best outcome, appreciating different views and opinions
  • Rely on each other to stay safe and never ignore a dangerous situation
  • Nurture and sustain good working relationships through active engagement with others


We will

  • Be thoughtfully honest in our communications
  • Take ownership of our commitments and delivery of results
  • Hold ourselves accountable for our actions, own our mistakes and work to do better in the future
  • Do the right thing the right way, every time, and take pride in our business
  • Challenge when something is wrong, question the status quo and speak up with our opinions


We will

  • Be curious to know more and ask questions to gain knowledge
  • Learn at every opportunity – from our achievements and from our mistakes, sharing our knowledge with our team
  • Be flexible in our approach, keeping an open mind to new opportunities
  • Comply with our policies and procedures but look for and raise improvement ideas
  • Be decisive, using data to make prompt, well-informed decisions