Connecting Energy into the UK for a Brighter Future

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“Having clarity of purpose, a strong engagement approach and a collaborative work ethic were the three early priorities in 2023. At Dragon it isn’t what you read on this website; it is the images of what you see us do every day connecting energy into the UK for our brighter future.

We have excellent skills in a vibrant workforce at our Waterston site.

Our LNG terminal boasts an excellent safety record as well as a reliable and flexible supply of natural gas into the homes and businesses across the UK providing energy security for many years to come. We continue to improve the site having already completed the first major turnaround of our re-liquefaction plant.

In our first quarter of 2023 we started commercial operations of Dragon Energy Renewables complementing our base business as we choose to do more in the energy transition and towards a net zero future. In our second quarter we submitted the application for our Dragon Energy Park to incorporate wind turbines. We will work with our community, industry partners, educational institutes and with governmental bodies to ensure we continue to develop local skills as an employer of choice in West Wales. Please reach out to me or any of the team at Dragon to learn more about what we do and how you can be part of our exciting future ahead.”

Simon Ames, Managing Director

Our terminal is the result of our shareholders’ multi million pound investments into Wales and the UK’s energy infrastructure. Dragon LNG is a standalone business jointly financed by two industry shareholders.