Welcome to Dragon LNG

The Dragon terminal is a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) receiving, storing and regasifying facility based in Waterston, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, which has two shareholders, Shell and Petronas.  One of just three such terminals in the UK, Dragon forms a critical part of the nation’s energy infrastructure, providing a link between the UK and its overseas gas suppliers for a vital source of clean and reliable energy.

Over 85% of homes in the UK use natural gas and a significant proportion of UK electric power is generated from this. The demand for energy and natural gas is increasing at a time when the UK’s domestic production from the North Sea is declining.  Dragon can supply up to 10% of the UK’s energy needs, allowing diversity of supply from 19* producing countries around the World.

*Source GIIGNL 2014

Committed to Pembrokeshire

Dragon chairs the quarterly Community Liaison Committee Meetings for the local area. 

The committee is made up of elected community representatives, with the meeting offering a forum for two way communications.  It provides us the opportunity to keep our community updated on terminal activity, as well as discussing items raised by the community through their representatives.


Committed to Youth Development in Pembrokeshire

Dragon has a long term commitment to Pembrokeshire’s young people through various projects and support.  Since 2005 we have been working with the education department at Pembrokeshire County Council and Pembrokeshire College to develop longstanding Dragon community projects that focus on young people's training, education and development.
Through our ‘Dragon LNG Darwin Centre Experience’ project, we work with every junior school, college, secondary school and community group in Pembrokeshire, to enhance young people’s education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM subjects).  More than 30,000 young people have participated in the project.  Some of these young people are now in, or aiming for, an apprenticeship, their first job, college or university. In conjunction with our education partners, we developed ‘This is Me’,  a complementary project designed to support the young people of Pembrokeshire with presentation and interview skills needed for success.  Pembrokeshire has very talented young people, and our ‘Young Sporting Champions’ awards celebrate their prowess and progress in an amazing variety of sports.