Donation of furniture helps Viking Explorer Scout Group

Dragon LNG has recently made a donation to the Viking Explorer Group in Pembroke Dock. The group relocated its meetings to a new venue in Pembroke Dock which was unfurnished. Dragon LNG donated tables and other much needed furniture to help the explorers settle in.

Lynette Round, PR and Facilities Coordinator at Dragon LNG, said “We are pleased to be able to help the Viking Explorer Group furnish its new premises. It is important for these groups to be able to keep costs as low as possible to focus on providing activities for the young people attending”.

Explorer scout units are the fourth section of scouting, suitable for young people aged 14 to 18. In this section, the attendees are encouraged to lead themselves and help to develop the programme and direction of their meetings.

Donna Maiden, Explorer group unit, added ‘Our Explorer group was established 25 years ago. Historically we have rented halls from other scout units so we are excited to have secured new accommodation, at minimal cost, which will be more stable in the long run. The Explorers have taken great pride in making the space theirs.’

If you would like any more information about the unit please email

viking explorer unit