Dragon LNG supporting its’ community

Dragon LNG, Llanstadwell Community Council, Waterston Community Liaison Committee and Waterston resident recently enjoyed a bit of Pembrokeshire weather in Waterston playpark.

The Cogen Plant demolition at Waterston was a significant event for Dragon LNG in 2021, taking over 24,375 manhours to complete with support from the Waterston Community Liaison Committee, Waterston, Blackbridge and Llanstadwell community, Dragon staff, contractors, and stakeholders.

The project was safely completed on the 14th January 2021, after the stack fell on 1st October 2020.  Dragon LNG Cogen Project Manager, Richie Hull commented “Demolition projects are inherently unsafe and risky, so to do what was achieved with zero injuries, not even a cut finger, was remarkable and true testament to the hard work and commitment of the team”.

 Dragon LNG was keen to commemorate this event and thank Waterston for their support.  Working with Llanstadwell Community Council, and following delays due to the pandemic, Dragon has donated three sustainable recycled plastic picnic benches to Waterston play park and supporting additional safety measures for its’ community, Dragon donated two new vehicle activated solar speed signs for Waterston village which are welcoming vehicles to the village providing reminders of their speed.

Llanstadwell Community Council Clerk said ‘The Community Council and the Community of Waterston are very supportive of Dragon LNG and were particularly so during the Cogen Plant demolition, which was a huge project, satisfactorily completed.  The donation of the three picnic tables by Dragon LNG for the play area at Waterston are very much appreciated by both locals and nearby residents who come to use the park and we, as a council have been very aware of speeding vehicles coming through Waterston and greatly appreciate Dragon’s generous donation of two vehicle activated speed signs which are very effective in slowing down the traffic through the village.’