Dragon donates defibrillator to Waterston Village

In the UK, there are 30000+ cardiac arrests outside hospitals each year, yet only 1 in 10 survive. source:  https://www.thecircuit.uk/.  Chances of survival are greatly increased by bystanders doing CPR and using an AED or defibrillator.

On Monday 11th December 2023, Dragon was delighted to be joined by members of its Community Liaison Committee to mark the official opening of the new Waterston Village defibrillator.

This new heated secure installation including junior pads, will be equipped with an outside light to illuminate.

Karen Wood, External Relations and Social Performance Manager at Dragon said: “Caring about creating a safe place to work and live for our communities, we have several defibrillators at Dragon.  With one publicly accessible device available 24/7 from the Security Lodge Dragon LNG, we were delighted to donate an additional defibrillator in the heart of our community, registered on https://www.defibfinder.uk/ as ‘Waterston Roundabout Dragon LNG’, so residents have easy access to this vital piece of equipment.  In the event of a cardiac arrest, these devices could be lifesaving.  We do hope they never have to be used, but at least our community have the reassurance of knowing they are there if needed.”

Pictured are members of Dragon’s Community Liaison Committee with Richard Hull and Jeremy Evans from Dragon LNG and Dragon Energy.