Emergency Instructions

We are required to provide our Public Information Zone (PIZ) with details of what actions they should take in the unlikely event of an incident which could affect anyone outside of our site.

Advice from the Emergency Services suggests that if the siren sounds – other than a test (details below*) – it is best to: GO INSIDE, STAY IN AND TUNE IN.

Go inside: Switch off all sources of ignition, including gas and electrical heating appliances.  Block incoming draughts.  Do not light matches, and put out naked flames.  Do not smoke.  Go into a room facing away from our site and close the curtains. Please avoid using your phone to contact Dragon – this will help us keep our lines free for emergency use.

Stay in: Wait inside until the all clear has been given by the Emergency Services, who may instruct us to use our Dragon LNG all clear siren, or advise you by another means.

Tune into: Radio Pembrokeshire (102.5FM) or BBC Radio Wales (93-96 and 104FM) to listen to instructions from the Emergency Services who will be working with local/national radio to broadcast key information. 

*Our ‘Offsite Siren’, followed by our ‘All Clear Siren’ are tested on the first Thursday of each month at 12noon.  

7th January 2021
4th February 2021
4th March 2021
1st April 2021
6th May 2021
3rd June 2021
1st July 2021
5th August 2021
2nd September 2021
7th October 2021
4th November 2021
2nd December 2021

The Boundaries of our Public Information Zone, as specified by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), are:

North of our site:
East of our site: South of our site: West of our site:
There is no natural boundary, but it does not go as far as Lower or Middle Scoveston
Boundary extended slightly to include properties on the same side of the stream running down to Hazelbeach as the Dragon LNG site
The boundary does not reach the opposite bank of the Haven (from our site)
The boundary has been extended slightly and is on the same side of Castle Pill as the Dragon LNG site.

If you require further copies of our emergency instructions, more information about our emergency plans, or related regulations we operate under, please contact us on +44(0)1646 691730, info@dragonlng.com.

Public information about Dragon LNG on the Health and Safety Executives’ website can be accessed here.

In the extremely unlikely event of an incident that might have off site implications, our off site (COMAH) siren will sound.  This siren is designed to be heard in our Public Information Zone, as described above.

The off site (COMAH) siren has a distinctive sound, with the tone alternatively rising and lowering in pitch.  Our all-clear siren has a single continuous tone. 

To hear a recording of our emergency instructions and the off site (COMAH) siren, please call freephone 0800 0468113*. 

*Calls to this number from any UK Landline will be free.  Please check with your mobile network provider if calling from a mobile phone.