Dragon LNG Darwin Experience

Supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) education in all Pembrokeshire Schools and Pembrokeshire College since 2005, with more than 50,000 young people taking part.

The project:-

  • Provides FREE, exciting, hands-on STEM outdoor activities, followed up with classroom sessions for all junior schools.
  • Brings inspirational scientists to talk to, and work with, secondary school pupils
  • Supports Science Aglow competitions for schools, STEM events and activities for young people outside mainstream education
  • Intervenes at the request of the Education Authority to improve STEM grades in specific groups of young people.

“It is, without question, a high quality educational experience which is unique to Pembrokeshire. Thanks to the inspiration the children are getting from the Darwin Experience, they will go on in the future to play their part in creating the solutions for the twenty-first century.”  Stephen Crabb, MP: in his former capacity of Secretary of State for Wales.

“River sampling in primary school was a fantastic experience of science in real life and it encouraged me to want to continue learning STEM subjects.”  BSc. Radiotherapy and Oncology Student, Cardiff University.

“I enjoy every Darwin event.  I like learning new things, it has changed my view of science in our daily lives.”   Pupil.

“The event was excellent, sparking pupils imagination.  Especially the activities back in school which gave me ideas for future lessons.”  Headteacher.  

“An outstanding feature.  As a result many older pupils have a very good understanding of the geographical links with science and speak confidently about their findings and its links to the environment.”  ESTYN (Welsh OFSTED).