Safety – doing the right job, the right way, every time

Dragon’s number one priority is safety; keeping our team, neighbours, communities and environment safe.

The LNG industry has an excellent health, safety and environmental record in all aspects of liquefication, shipping, storage and regasification. This is due to both the high technical standards that are used in construction and operation, and the physical properties of LNG.

The Dragon LNG site has been designed, engineered and constructed to ensure health, safety and environmental compliance and reliability.  It uses commercially proven technology, equipment and materials that have successfully demonstrated safe performance in similar operating conditions at various installations throughout the World.  In addition, the industry is highly regulated and our facility satisfies all relevant UK and European codes and standards.  It operates within the COMAH Regulations that are enforced jointly by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and National Resources Wales.  Dragon’s LNG terminal also has close links with the UK Security Services to ensure security of the ships, jetty and onshore liquefied natural gas facilities.  Operation of the jetty complies with the International Maritime Organisation’s International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

The liquefied natural gas is brought to the terminal in specially constructed, double-hulled ships specifically designed to handle the low temperatures of LNG.   These vessels are fitted with sophisticated systems that monitor the condition of the cargo and constantly check for leakage.  Gas detectors, fitted with safety alarms are located between the steel hulls to continuously monitor for cargo leaks.  The cargo tanks are located away from the ship’s hull to minimise the risk of cargo tank damage on collision or grounding.  They also use radar, global positioning and communications technology to constantly monitor their course, speed and position, and that of other vessels nearby.  LNG ships’ officers and crew undergo extensive training to meet internationally recognised standards.  In the 50 years, since they loaded their first commercial shipment, LNG carriers have safely delivered over 77,000 cargoes*. 

Working with Milford Haven Port Authority – the regulatory authority for the Milford Haven Waterway – Dragon LNG will ensure shipping operations are carried out safely with minimum disruption to other port users.

*Source GIIGNL/SIGTTO 2014.